Tesla Model Y 3D Floor Mats (Complete Set): Driver + Passenger + Back Row + Trunk + Frunk + More
Tesla Model Y 3D Floor Mats (Complete Set): Driver + Passenger + Back Row + Trunk + Frunk + More
Tesla Model Y 3D Floor Mats (Complete Set): Driver + Passenger + Back Row + Trunk + Frunk + More

Tesla Model Y 3D Floor Mats (Complete Set): Driver + Passenger + Back Row + Trunk + Frunk + More

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An essential aftermarket accessory for your Model Y. Rugged, 3D shaped floor mats help you not worry about stepping into the car with dirty shoes- snow, rain water or mud.


Exactly how frequently do you gaze at your Telsa Model Y floor mats? This factor is easily overlooked because of the lack of awareness your daily tasks drew along your day and ruins your Tesla Model Y floor.  Not actively replacing your floor mats and maintaining your footprint can ruin your Tesla Y true value and protection, Set you hundreds to thousands of dollars of material repairs and expensive car washing services to get rid of that awful scent. 

The Tesla Model Y Floor mats are specifically designed to protect your Tesla’s floor from damaging spills, mud and stains while still maintaining high quality eliminating the constant effort to keep replacing them once every few months.  This means that you can now commute day to day not worrying if your car is getting damaged due to poor floor mats and bad quality feet placement.

What does the Tesla Model Y 3D Floor mats offer?

  • Protection from wear and stains
  • Built for comfort
  • Easy cleaning 
  • Total 3d coverage
  • High quality Design 
  • Environmentally friendly material 
  • Maintain your footing 
  • Protect your cargo areas

 You most likely use your car every day to commute to and fro your work and get in and out the passenger seat not worrying what’s beneath your feet.  In the long run, your floor mat investment will end up retaining your Tesla model Y true quality and prevent further unnecessary damage. Not only have that but the extra benefits added value to your car experience by brining features that would otherwise be nonexistent without high quality floor mats. 

3D Floor mat feature

The Tesla model Y floor mats are specially designed to effortlessly mold perfectly into every single floor corner of car to make it look flushed and secure. This means that you do not have to struggle when installing the floor mats for the very first time and holds in place effortlessly to prevent the mats from slipping out of place.  

Protect from wear and stains

The Tesla model Y floor mats is made from durable material that is water and stain resistant which to help prevent permanent damage to the mats. By using TEP material, it will prevent moisture from seeping through the carpet pad and insulation, preventing the rusting process. 

 High quality design 

We proudly manufacture all our products ourselves with no help from third party. All of our production is heavily regulated and custom integrated to only provide the best quality. The clean, mats really improve the look and feel of your car’s interior. We made Car mats that are high quality while still providing style in the design. 

Retain and increase vehicle quality 

Our Telsa Model Y mats add durability to your cars bottom interior by using state of the art TEP material which is designed to withstand the roughest contact between two surfaces, weather be your shoes, equipment or machinery that can potentially damage the bottom of your floor.  It is much harder to ruin your car floor with this type of material which is considered one of the best materials for quality preservation and coverage. Keep in mind that it’s much easier to replace your car mat than it is to re do the entire carpeting.   

Built for comfort

The Tesla model Y mats are designed to make seating more pleasurable by using high quality padding to properly accommodate your feet arrangement.  The added quality also makes a great appeal to whoever steps inside your car which adds the luxurious feel while still maintaining high comfort for each passenger. 

Easy cleaning

The Tesla model Y floor mats eliminates the need for you to ever go to a car wash to get your floor clean. Because of our state of the art 3D coverage and high quality design, it minimizes the constant errand on cleaning your car floors.  The floor mats are created from stain resistant material which makes every single substance such as mud, dirt, drink spill easily wash away. 

Protect your cargo area 

Moving valuable items from one place to another? The Tesla Model Y floor mats do a great job at hiding dirt, absorb water and snow. Which means that if you frequently carry heavy items in your car on a daily basis. It won’t stain your car as if you were to have no floor mats. 

Environmentally friendly material- The Tesla model Y mats only uses raw materials that don’t harm or cause any allergic reactions or irritation to the skin and have made sure that every material used is safe for those around. This means that you don’t have to worry about your pet cats or dogs and other individuals from getting any allergic reaction because we have tested all the materials and are 100% safe to use. 

Maintain your Footing

The Tesla Model Y adds personal protection by insuring that your custom mat keeps safe by adding extra grip material to all floor mats plus the Total 3d coverage. Which means that your feet will always stay in place and never cause slipping. 

When you order you Tesla Model Y 3D floor mats, you get free insurance! Meaning that you don’t have to worry about any damage.  We will replace if for free! All on us !

As you’ve seen above, having floor mats isn’t just for dirt but it creates a safer environment for all passengers that voyage on your journey and retains your car’s true value while still adding a stylish feel to your Tesla model Y.  By purchasing The Tesla Model Y 3D floor mats you will forget about:

  • No Need to constantly clean your car
  • Easy washing/ less car washing services
  • No carpet repair services 
  • Preserve your car’s quality 
  • No stains on floor mats

Furthermore, the experience of using low quality floor mats defats the whole purpose of floor mats in the first place. The lack of quality degrades your Tesla’s quality by not providing enough protection for your interior and not total coverage as we’ve observed with basic floor mats. But it doesn’t have to be that way.   

We endure this car deforming process in precluded thinking that there’s no solution in managing our car space to get clean car floors while still preserving car quality. But it doesn’t have to take more than 5 minutes to eliminating such as poor unappealing floor due to not having the proper quality car mats in place.

With the Tesla Model Y 3D floor mats. You don’t have to learn anything. Instead, it can do all the work for you- making it one of the simplest investments and easy to apply principles to your life and helping you take care of your car easy and effectively. 

With this, I hope you clearly see how our car mats are made with Tesla users in mind. We clearly understand the daily engagement you have with your car and expertly crafted Floor mats for both you and your car.