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You are probably here because you, like many Tesla owners that ultimately choose us, did not like what you see out there. Welcome! Just yesterday I heard from a Tesla owner in Canada who bought a cheap screen protector for his Model 3 that he doesn't like. He is looking for a quality screen protector. If that story rings true then please scroll down and pick a quality Tesla accessory for your car. 


  • Custom Made

    We refused to resell from Alibaba. We went through laborious 10 months long process to custom-make (new moulds etc.) this screen protector from ground up for premium quality product and experience. 

  • Keep It New

    We recommend installing the screen protector as soon as you take the delivery to keep you car as new.

  • Anti-Glare

    Our screen protector diffuses the light and reflection during daytime for a better driving experience and comfort to the eyes. Do you see reflection of car seats and glare from sun on your touchscreen? 

  • Fingerprints

    Oleophobic coating resists sweat and oils thus making the touchscreen free of annoying fingerprints. 

  • HD Clarity

    Our screen protector is highly transparent so you can enjoy high-definition screen resolution while cutting down on the glare. 

  • Invisible

    Once installed, thanks to high-transparency, no one would notice that it is there. 

  • Fits Perfectly

    Precise, laser cut screen protector that follows the curvature of your Model S/X or 3

  • Easy to Install

    We took the pains of simplifying the process so you can easily install. 

  • Scratch Free

    Hard coated 9H tempered glass screen protector protects your original touchscreen from scratches.

  • Ships Fast

    All items ship same day from California. Most items arrive within 2 days. Possibly earlier if you are in West Coast like us. 

  • Dry Application

    Unlike others, our special screen protector does not need any chemical application on your touchscreen to install. 

  • 100% Sensitivity

    Matte coating feels smooth and provide immpeccable touch sensitivity.

  • No Bubble

    No bubble, self-adhesive (no spray needed) easy installation. 

  • Lifetime Warranty

    No questions asked, life-time warranty. 

  • Customer Service

    Prompt, friendly customer service means you can shop and get your questions answered with ease.