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Model Y Accessories: Best Recommendations

The Model Y is here and it is bigger, better and beautiful. As minimalist as Model Y is, some of the below accessories will either extend the life of the car or just make owning and driving the Model Y a bit more joyful. Here is the list:  Touchscreen Protector: Reduce the glare and fingerprints while protecting the factory touchscreen from accidental damages. We recommend ElonAccessories Model 3/Y Screen protector for it's great quality and customer service. Get them here. Tesmanian Floor Mats: Vincent and his team at Tesmanian has done a good job with the floor mats to get full protection for your Model Y floors. Get them here. As of this post they are sold out.    Jeda Wireless Hub:...

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Tesla Model Y: Should You Buy?

As a Model 3 owner myself I cannot recommend all of the Tesla cars and products. If you can afford everything Tesla has to offer then great. If you are on a budget then my recommendation is to get Model 3 now before the tax incentives completely expire and add Tesla solar roof so you are completely off of fossil fuel. For me, I am going to hold onto my LR RWD Model 3 for my family of 4 and get Tesla solar roof pretty soon. And, eventually I will replace my family's ICE SUV with 6-seater Tesla truck. (Read more)

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SHIPPING 1. Do you ship to other countries? Yes. We have shipped to many countries and continents.  2. What is the shipping cost? It depends on the shipping zone. The shipping cost is $7 and up. The best way is to go through checkout process where you'll be presented with many shipping options.  3. When will my order ship? Your order ships within hours.    SCREEN PROTECTOR (I like to call SCREEN ENHANCER, Oh well..) 1. Do I need a screen protector? If you are going to be driving during the day and if the reflections and fingerprints bother you then you would benefit from our screen protector.  2. Why don't you sell glossy screen protector?  We asked ourselves this...

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